Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your company data is too crucial not to have proper backups.

Operating a small or medium scale business can be quite overwhelming due to the limited time, budget, and fewer resources. This is why you need a backup solution that works. 

Our software is completely developed in the US, following all data protection requirements and industry standards. This means that no matter what industry you find yourself in, we have the right solution to keep your data safe and secure.

Struck Tech provides a central management platform for cloud, virtual and physical backup. We offer data backup services that protect your on-premise and remote environment at all times and guarantee you peace of mind.

Our backup solutions include:

Tailored-made Backup Services

Struck Tech offers flexible and customized data backup services specially designed for your business environment.

Seamless Backup Solution

We offer you seamless cloud backup for Windows systems, SQL and Virtual Machines, Linux Physical Servers, NAS, AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

24/7 Support

We are here to offer you all the support you need. From your first contact with our team of technicians, we have got you covered.

Data Replication

Struck Tech will create a backup of your backups to eliminate any single point of failure.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Your business will receive a detailed plan of action to follow during a disaster.

Maximum Security

You can trust that multiple layers of security will protect your data.

A disaster can put you out of business

A disaster can strike at the most surprising moments, and if one hits now, would your business be prepared? Does your company have a strategy to overcome the possible loss of your priceless data?

At Struck Tech, we partner with industry leaders to equip you with the best backup and disaster recovery solutions.
Struck Tech Solutions offers best-in-class backup technology to transfer your files to secure offsite storage. Your data is replicated and restorable within a moment’s notice, enabling you to decrease downtime and get back to business faster.

One month of free offsite backups, on us.

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