Your business needs a cybersecurity plan before it is too late.

Data privacy and protection stand at high risk in the current dispensation, where it is easy to find all information at a fingertip. At Struck Tech Solutions, we understand that this is one of the unique challenges of small and medium-scale businesses. That is why we provide cyber security services tailored to meet your business need.

We offer holistic cyber security services that protect your business from breaches and attacks at all times. As a firm, we work with your organization to align the best security policies and practices with your business objectives and organizational goals. 

Our teams of engineers are available 24 hours daily to help you strengthen your cybersecurity using our state of art technologies. These technologies provide enhanced visibility and situational awareness across networks. We also enable you to set up your own next-gen Security Operations Center (SOC) to detect potential cybersecurity threats and facilitate prevention ahead of time.

From security program design, vendor assessment, technical implementation, and executive advisory support, we are available 24 hours daily to ensure that you address the myriad of security situations present throughout the year.

Our cybersecurity solutions will:


Comprehensive logging and reporting capabilities allow us to catch intruders and decrease risk in the future.


We maintain a close focus on cybercrime trends, so your employees and advisers are better defended.


Proactive monitoring of stolen and jeopardized data signals us when a threat is identified to react promptly.

You will achieve:


We will work with you to define your industry and government compliance regulations and help to ensure you are working in an IT-compliant environment.


Your data and systems will be safe 24/7, and your business will run smoothly at all times.


Multiple security programs provide comprehensive protection for your business.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Even with state-of-the-art antivirus software and firewalls, you will still be struggling to block malware meddling and data breaches altogether. That’s because people are often the weakest link in your security chain.
The Struck Tech Solutions cyber awareness training will educate your business about modern-day cyber threats and scams.

Let's get your business on the right cyber security protection plan.

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