Network Infrastructure

We use modern technologies to fix problems without human intervention.

At Struck Tech, we understand that no two organizations have the same need for IT network support services. Therefore, we have created a flexible and customized network supports service plan that suits the need and budget of your organization.

Over the years, we have built a reputation for ourselves as your one-stop shop for all IT network support services. We are proactive in our approach, ensuring that your organization is equipped for the present and prepared for the future.

As a firm, we understand that network does not just crack without showing off some signs. That is why we use our remote monitoring system to watch many metrics and determine significant problems before they occur. With our network supports services, you are sure of enjoying fast, reliable, and effective network support. It is in our DNA to produce nothing but the best result.

Our network support includes:

Monitor Network Health

Firewalls help prevent attacks against your network as the first line of defense.


A great option for high growth companies, aging networks, & operational budgets.

Smart Switches

Today's switches do more than serve faster bandwidths, and they combine protection and functionality.

Deliver As-Needed Maintenance

Struck Tech gives you direct access to manufacturer-certified technical experts. It also provides added analytics for defining how assets are being utilized, enabling you to make modifications to enhance network reliability.

Network Planning

Struck Tech can assist with designing your network.

Manage Network Incidents

Struck Tech includes monitoring and maintaining your network to quarantine and remediate incidents and move, add, and change service levels.

We ensure that your network runs at peak performance 24 hours a day.

Industry-leading service level agreements also back all our services. Our customer service team consults with you to figure out a service agreement that fits your network infrastructure and budget.

Let us get your network in tip-top shape today!

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